Emergency Ration Pack

£12.99 Incl. VAT


A compact, light-weight, water-proof pack of emergency rations.

Warning: Check out the Allergens Listing


A compact, light-weight, water-proof pack of emergency rations. Contains 600+ calories of easy to consume, long-shelf-life, food and drink, plus water purification tablets, an emergency whistle and a survival compass all packed in a re-sealable food-grade bag that you can use to collect and treat water.


  • Water-proof pouch: 0.5 litre capacity, food grade metalised bag, can be used to store water in an emergency
  • 10 x Oasis tablets: water purification, fill the pouch with suspect water add 1/2 tablet and wait for 20 minutes
  • Water ration 125ml: long-life emergency drinking water, just in case.
  • Whistle: emergency signal, rescue, communication
  • Glucose drops 50g: instant energy with glucose, 200 calories
  • Snack bar: 50g cereal and glucose energy bar, 206 calories
  • Oat block: 25g oatmeal biscuit, 125 calories
  • Drink powder: 45g energy and electrolyte powder, 146 calories
  • Button compass – could be a lifesaver if you are lost in the middle of nowhere


Aat flakes, wheat gluten, wheat malt, wheat fibre, whey powder, milk, soy lecithin. May contain peanut and sesame seed products. Please see indivudal packaging prior to consumption.

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